Bridgestone and Seven Asset Management Enter Partnership

Bridgestone and Seven Asset Management Enter Partnership

Bridgestone’s ‘always on’ approach to fleet management has helped secure a partnership with one of the most respected contract hire experts in the east of England, encompassing over 3,000 vehicles from EVs right through to HGVs.

Seven Asset Management has entered into a three-year agreement with Bridgestone to manage its tyre programme across all sectors, from cars and vans right through to trucks and trailers.

The Suffolk based family business are commercial vehicle contract hire and fleet management specialists with 25 years’ experience in the industry and are best known for its contract hire service – inclusive of maintenance.

The Bridgestone Partner dealer network and the in-depth reporting systems were both cited as key reasons for Seven Assets’ decision to work with the tyre giant.

“We’re a family business and that family philosophy has never changed over the years. We could sense that Bridgestone shared this ethos and worked to the same principles, despite being one of the biggest tyre manufacturers in the world. This impressed us massively,” said Seven Asset Management’s Key Account Manager Greg Shaw.

“We will be able to take our reporting to the next level, moving from a manual way of working to a digital system, provide greater transparency on the condition of each and every tyre.

“We were also reassured by Bridgestone’s commitment to breakdowns and vehicle downtime, which have a huge impact on any fleet business. Many of our customers operate in particularly rural locations away from major cities and towns, but the Bridgestone Partner network has great coverage, tending to vehicles almost immediately, wherever they might be.

“This was a compelling factor during discussions, along with Bridgestone’s ability to communicate in real time with our own maintenance teams.”

Seven Asset Management’s business can be split into logistics, leasing and fleet maintenance and all three areas will be supported by Bridgestone.

“It is a real feather in our cap to be able to work with Seven Asset Management, which is a name synonymous with quality. We really immersed ourselves in the DNA of the business during discussions and felt that we could add real value through our products and mobility solutions as a whole, most notably our Bridgestone Partner network and reporting systems,” added Bridgestone’s National Fleet Executive Neil Collison.

“We also demonstrated that we are on hand to support them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We were able to prove that we will not only be a partner for the Seven Asset team, but an extension of their business which will be there for them at all times. And from the leasing aspect of the business, we were thrilled to be able to offer a broad range of our tyre portfolio, featuring EVs, cars and vans, so it does feel like we’ve been able to deliver for Seven Asset Management across the entire business.”

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