Brake Engineering Happy about the MOT Decision

Brake Engineering Happy about the MOT Decision

Brake Engineering has announced its content with the government’s decision to maintain the current MOT frequency that states a vehicle should take its first test at three years and then one year thereafter. The supplier has also commended the work done by organisations such as IAAF in persuading the government to not change the current test frequency.

Under the original proposals, a vehicle could potentially have gone four years without a formal inspection of its road worthiness. And, with brakes as one of the most common failures in an MOT test, with a failure rate of 9.5%, it was argued that a change in frequency could lead to an increase in accidents and repair costs.

The current MOT test holds two inspections on a vehicle’s braking system: the first one is a visible inspection of the brake components, while the second one is to test the efficiency and performance of the brakes.

“It’s clear from the report that safety was the overriding concern if the first MOT test was to change to four years. It is fantastic news for the independent aftermarket and underpins the collective good work of the entire trade,” said Adam Griffiths, Marketing Lead UK and Ireland.

“As braking is a safety critical product group, it’s crucial that motor factors and garages are confident they can supply and fit a product underpinned by quality and reliability. A motor factor supplying parts through a credible source enables the origin of the parts to be easily traced. This falls under motor factors’ duty of care to make sure that parts supplied to garages are safe and are of suitable quality – essential criteria for garages,” he added.

Brake Engineering has been recognised as one of the leading parts suppliers to the UK aftermarket for over 30 years. Since its inception in 1981, the company has expanded into a full line braking supplier, manufacturing and distributing for the independent aftermarket. Brake Engineering has become synonymous with range development and consistency in quality, effective distribution that ensures a reputation as a market leader. Continuous investment and development of each product group ensures that the range covers the ever-expanding vehicle parc.

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