Best Driving Routes in 'Green' Travel List Countries

Best Driving Routes in 'Green' Travel List Countries

Now that international travel is allowed in certain areas of the world, petrol-heads planning foreign holidays have been advised on the best driving roads to experience in some of the green list countries. Motoring experts from have researched and revealed some of the most impressive and scenic driving routes in five of the most popular countries on the ‘green’ list.

From 17 May, the ‘Stay in the UK’ Coronavirus regulation ceased and international travel was allowed to restart, governed by a new traffic light system. Only 12 countries and territories are on the initial ‘green’ list, and some still have their own restrictions in place for people entering.

“Whilst most families will be sticking to UK holidays this summer, a portion of the population will be gearing up to travel further afield. For the petrol-heads among them, we wanted to offer advice on the most scenic ‘must-drive’ routes to experience in some of the countries on the UK’s current ‘green’ list,” said a spokesperson for

“Remember that other countries and territories will still have restrictions in place for people arriving from overseas, so double check before you book or even plan anything. Nevertheless, the routes mentioned will give everyone serious travel inspiration for the future.”

Portugal: National Road 222

The Portuguese National Road number 222 is recognised by many as one of the best driving roads in the country – if not the world. Connecting Régua to Pinhao in northern Portugal, the 16 mile journey will take you through the heart of the Douro Valley, which is arguably the most impressive wine region in the world, and then up the Douro River’s contour upstream. Studies say that the road has the perfect value 10-1, which means every 10 seconds spent in a straight line are followed by 1 second in a turn.

Iceland: The Golden Circle

This 145 mile round trip from Reykjavik is stunning in every season. It’s also the most well-trafficked tourist route, services by buses from Reykjavik every day. It’s a great route to drive on your own, as it allows you to stop off at other attractions along the way besides the three main ones: Thingvellir National Park, Geysir geothermal area and Gullfoss waterfall. This is a great drive to take if it is your first time in Iceland or if you have limited time. The roads are well-maintained and open throughout the year, depending on the weather.

Singapore: Mount Faber

Singapore may not have mountain roads boasting stunning views, but driving up Mount Faber is the next best thing. As you weave through narrow, winding roads surrounded by lush greenery, you might forget you’re in Singapore. Don’t forget to take in a birds-eye view of the Singapore coastline and city skyline from the viewpoint at the peak of Mount Faber Park.

Australia: The Great Ocean Road

Australia offers many options when it comes to road-trips, with the vast open plains of the outback giving tourists some great adventures. One of the most idyllic stretches of road, however, is the Great Ocean Road. Starting in the city of Melbourne the 150 mile stretch follows the South Australian coastline allowing you to discover rainforests, remote beaches and the famous 12 Apostles.

New Zealand: The Milford Road

The Milford Road in southern New Zealand is possibly one of the most scenic roads in the world. This winding, windy road is incredibly dramatic, taking you through some of the most impressive landscapes you’ll ever see including glacier-carved valleys, the reflective Mirror Lakes and dense rainforest. The Homer Tunnel, a single lane, 1,270 metre tunnel that has been dug through the centre of a mountain, signals your descent into Milford Sound and will get your adrenaline pumping like nothing else!

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