Next Generation of Public Transport Hits Toronto

Next Generation of Public Transport Hits Toronto

Toronto is set to see a decrease its road pollution as new modes of electric vehicles take to the streets.

Both Nova Bus and The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) have agreed upon the implementation of 55 new hybrid electric vehicles, that are set to see a decrease in harmful CO2 emissions.

The partnership between companies stands a message of positivity to the city, its people, and its future. The next generation of hybrid buses is set to be the first step in a major plan to help resolve the climate change crisis.

The buses themselves are reliable and safe for passengers, just as they are for the environment. Driven by electric motors and powered by on-board battery systems that have been created by global giant, and world-class trusted business, BAE Systems.  

Using electric over traditional methods of fuel leads to better fuel economy all round. With reduced emissions coming forth and reduced maintenance costs of the vehicles.

Each of the buses are equipped with HVAC and power steering, with onboard systems that are fully electrified, such as doors.

Looking at a variety of ways in which it can do its bit to aid years of environmental damages, The Government of Canada believe the investment in a fleet of electric public transport will enable further environmental benefits to come forth.

Not only is the transport efficient for those using it, the vehicles can help reduce traffic congestion and improve overall air quality in the city.

Toronto is providing contemporary buses for both the benefit of its people and its environment. It is now only a matter of time, before boundless other cities in the world follow suit.

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