Collaboration Strengthens Support for Bus and Rail Users

Collaboration Strengthens Support for Bus and Rail Users

The charity Bus Users UK and The Rail Ombudsman are joining forces to improve services for public transport users and to raise awareness of Alternative Dispute Resolution, helping passengers and operators to settle complaints.

The two organisations are looking into a range of projects including workshops on complaints handling, on-street “Let’s talk transport” events to bring passengers and transport providers together, particularly in areas with no transport interchanges, and joint initiatives on Passenger Rights and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Announcing the collaboration, Bus Users Chief Executive Claire Walters said: “Both Bus Users UK and the Rail Ombudsman are committed to improving services for passengers and providing free and fair complaints resolution. Working together will harness the knowledge, resources and expertise of both organisations to ensure passengers have access to the very best transport services possible.”

“The bus and rail networks play a huge role in the lives of thousands of people every day across the country. We depend on them not only to get us to our places of work and to reach health appointments but to provide vital support for local economies,” added Kevin Grix, CEO and Chief Ombudsman, Rail Ombudsman.

“By joining forces, the Rail Ombudsman and Bus Users will be striving for accessible, inclusive and fair travel services for all passengers, and for industry wide best-practice and consumer protection.”

Bus Users is a registered charity that campaigns for accessible, inclusive transport. It is an approved Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Body for bus and coach passengers and the body which deals with complaints under the Passenger Rights in Bus and Coach Legislation. We are also part of a Sustainable Transport Alliance, a group working to promote the benefits of public, shared and active travel.

Meanwhile, the Dispute Resolution Ombudsman Limited is an independent, not-for-profit, government approved voluntary Ombudsman scheme, incorporating The Furniture & Home Improvement Ombudsman and Rail Ombudsman providing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for the rail, retail, furniture and home improvement sectors.

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