Bus Fares Capped at £2 for Three Months

Bus Fares Capped at £2 for Three Months

The Department for Transport (DfT) has announced bus fares in England will be capped at £2 for three months. Amid concerns about the cost of living crisis, inflation, and the prices that have skyrocketed recently, DfT launched a £60 million plan that could save passengers more than £3 for a single ticket.

“Buses are by far and away the most-used form of public transport, so ensuring that almost all bus journeys are no more than £2 will assist passengers over the winter months and provide direct help to thousands of households across the country,” said Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary.

“This £60 million boost will mean everyone can affordably get to work, education, the shops and doctors’ appointments. We know people will be feeling the pressure of rising costs this winter, and so we have been working hard this summer to provide practical concrete help that will lower daily expenditure.”

According to the department, the average fare for a three-mile journey is around £2.80, which means, with the new cap coming into effect from January 2023, passengers would save 30% of the price every time they travelled. The government will work alongside bus operators and local authorities to introduce the scheme to the public, with further good news showing that 90% of bus operators on the market have expressed support for DfT’s decision to cap bus fares at £2.

“This will be very welcome news for the millions of people who rely on the bus to get to work, to the shops, to medical appointments, and to connect with friends and family,” commented Paul Tuohy, the Chief Executive of Campaign for Better Transport. “Buses have great potential to cut traffic and carbon emissions, to connect communities and ease loneliness. This £2 fare cap – which we have called for – will help set buses on the road to a bright future.”

The industry has faced quite a few challenges over the last few months and severe cuts to bus services in England were avoided last month due to new government funding, after it was announced £130 million would be made available to keep services running.

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