Bio-Bus Set For Number 2 Service

Bio-Bus Set For Number 2 Service

The UK’s first ever bus to run on gas generated from human and inedible food waste is to be used regularly in service in Bristol from 25 March 2015 after First West of England agreed to operate the vehicle.

The Bio-Bus will run the service 2 route from Cribbs Causeway, through the city centre to Stockwood four days a week with 32,674 households along the way helping (in-directly) to fuel it.

The bus will fill up at Bristol sewage treatment works in Avonmouth, where GENeco, the renewable energy and waste recycling company owned by Wessex Water, turns sewage and inedible food waste into biomethane.

Mohammed Saddiq, managing director at GENeco, said: “The biomethane we produce from treating sewage and inedible food waste represents a sustainable and renewably sourced alternative to fossil fuels. Not only are we injecting gas into the grid to power homes, but it is also being used to fuel the Bio-Bus in around Bristol city centre.”

He added: “It is great to see the bus go into regular service in the city and I am sure with its eye catching design it will turn heads as well as open up discussion about how gas-fuelled buses could become the future for more environmentally friendly public transport.”

The new route coincides with Bristol European Green Capital 2015 and if proven to be successful, First West will consider introducing the first fleet of “poo buses”.

James Freeman, managing director at First West of England, said: “Since its original unveiling last year the Bio-Bus has generated worldwide attention and so it’s our privilege to bring it to Bristol.

“The very fact that it’s up and running in the city should help to open up a serious debate about how buses are best fuelled, and what is good for the environment.”

Previously, the Bio-Bus provided a service from Bath city centre to Bristol airport as part of an initial trial.

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