Isle of Man Government Reduces Tyre Bill

Isle of Man Government Reduces Tyre Bill

The Isle of Man Government have implemented a new tyre policy across all 78 buses and 104 trucks operated by the Island’s Department for Infrastructure.

This now means that each vehicle is fitted with a mixture of both new and retread Michelin tyres, with a significant portion of retread tyres expected to grow with the inevitable need for tyres needing replacements.

Michelin use a remix process which boosts 70% less raw materials than manufacturing a brand new tyre, which can double the lifespan of each tyre casting while also cutting costs and offering a sustainable production line to reserve natural resources.

Teaming up with the Remix process means that worn Michelin Bus and Truck tyres will now be returned to Michelin’s retread factory, based in Stoke-on-Trent, for remanufacture rather than becoming obsolete and ending up as wastage.

Remanufactured tyres deliver very similar levels of performance as new tyres but cost around 40% less while offering a new bid in the way of recycling.

For every Michelin casting returned and accepted for the remix process, the Manx Government receives credit in its casting bank, which allows for a Remix tyre to be affordably fitted into a vehicle when the existing tyre needs a replacement.

This process comes as an extension from the Michelin New Policy that the Manx Government implemented in 2015. Within the first calendar year of implementation, savings of over £20,000 had already been accumulated.

Ian Bates, Head of Operations for Isle of Man Transport Services expressed: “We have already seen savings of £20,000 since adopting the Remix policy last year, and this is just the start. As well as the financial benefit, these tyres allow us to significantly reduce our impact on the environment by cutting the number of new tyres we fit, combined with the natural fuel saving advantages of running a Michelin policy.”

The Department for Infrastructure provides a diverse range of services across the Manx community, inclusive of public transport, emergency services, highway maintenance, improvement works, waste management and the provision of raw materials to support development in the construction industry.

“We have a responsibility to make sure the infrastructure on the island works smoothly and safely – but we also have a responsibility to use public money sensibly. Michelin allows us to do that,” regarded Bates, who has been shown first hand the Remix process at Michelin’s Remix factory in Stoke.

The Isle of Man Government also take advantage of Michelin’s accidental tyre damage guarantee, which promises to provide customers with a refund should a tyre become damaged under accidental circumstances that lead the tyre to become 50% worn or more.

This means the Manx fleet is covered across a variety of unforeseeable but possible circumstances, that offer those in the transport sector peace of mind. The implementation of the new tyre policy means the Isle of Man Government are benefiting from the use of multiple lives from one single tyre, which is keeping budgets low and environmentally friendly impact, high.

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