Bridgestone Inflating An Exclusive New Product

Bridgestone Inflating An Exclusive New Product

Bridgestone Inflating An Exclusive New Product

Not content with inflating its range of tyres for thousands of motorists to make the most of, Bridgestone is also pumping air into another premium product for the first time.

The tyre manufacturer has designed two new inflatable exhibition stands, which will help make first impressions last at a number of high profile events up and down the UK.

Bridgestone invested in the pair of inflatable units to complement its presence a calendar of outdoor shows and attractions in 2013 and beyond.

The units, boasting an 8 metre diameter, are easy to construct and more importantly, separate Bridgestone from the crowd when exhibiting.

Communications manager Andy Dingley said that the investment was already yielding results for the brand, with footfall figures increasing like-on-like for popular shows where Bridgestone exhibit annually.

So far, they have been erected at Donington Circuit, the Yorkshire Show, Props and Pistons and the CLA Game Fair.

He said: “The feedback we have had from the ‘domes’ has been really encouraging. We have been in need of an adaptable, flexible and eye-catching stand for some time, in order to do our products justice.

“Through the large and smaller unit, we have been able to achieve this and have enjoyed a higher volume of visitors at every show we’ve boasted these inflatables at.

“We don’t think this is a coincidence and we are hopeful of more success in the weeks and months to come.”

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