Bridgestone ECOPIA Truck Tyre To Increase Fuel Savings

Bridgestone ECOPIA Truck Tyre To Increase Fuel Savings

New Bridgestone ECOPIA Trailer Truck Tyre To Increase Fuel Savings

Bridgestone’s most economical truck tyre range has added a dedicated trailer product to its ranks for the first time, in the form of the new ECOPIA H-TRAILER 001.

The specialised tyre has been designed to achieve increased fuel saving in highway operations, courtesy of improved rolling-resistance and wet grip performance.

The ECOPIA H-TRAILER 001 has excellent performance in terms of mileage and durability which strongly contributes to lowering the cost per kilometre for fleets.

It combines the superior levels of durability, wear, handling and retreadability of its predecessor, the R109 Ecopia, while also providing substantially lower rolling resistance, and enhanced grip and braking response in wet-weather conditions.

By incorporating Bridgestone’s exclusive NanoPro-Tech™ compound which reduces energy loss the ECOPIA H-TRAILER 001 has improved rolling resistance without compromising other tyre performance areas such as drive traction, wet grip and mileage. The tyre also features a waved belt, which increases casing stability and durability allowing for higher load capability and casing retreadability.

Independent road tests* show that ECOPIA H-STEER 001 and ECOPIA H-DRIVE 001 provide 18.9% and 26.5% lower rolling resistance respectively than the previous ECOPIA series, leading to 4.4% lower fuel consumption.

Together with the ECOPIA H-TRAILER 001, highway operators can save up to 5% fuel with the combination of the new trailer tyre with the ECOPIA H-STEER 001 and ECOPIA H-DRIVE 001 compared to the previous ECOPIA series. This is an important advantage when considering that fuel represents around 25% of total costs in long-haul transportation.

“Thanks to an optimum balance between rolling resistance and mileage durability the new ECOPIA tyres are the answer for fleets that want to reduce their operating costs, both in fuel cost reduction and for lowering the cost per kilometre” says Harald Van Ooteghem, Senior Manager Marketing Planning, Commercial Business Unit, Bridgestone Europe.

Designed for advanced, fuel-conscious operators of highway fleets, these premium ECOPIA long-haul tyres deliver radically lower rolling resistance, fuel consumption and environmental impact, while maintaining overall levels of tyre performance and safety. The ECOPIA range represents a breakthrough in eco performance by helping saving fuel and carbon emissions without compromising on safety or tyre life.

Bridgestone launches the new ECOPIA H-TRAILER 001 in April 2013 (size 385/55 R22.5). The tyre obtained a B grade in rolling resistance, C in wet grip, and a noise value of 73 dB according to the European tyre labelling regulation.

*Tests conducted in July 2011 by TÜV SÜD Automotive GmbH, part of the highly-respected international technical service organisation TÜV SÜD Group.

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