Alexander Dennis Wins £70m Deal for New First Buses

Alexander Dennis Wins £70m Deal for New First Buses

FirstGroup has made a deal worth £70m for 305 new first buses, Aberdeen-based company are investing funds into the new buses that will be built by Wrightbus of Northern Ireland, and Alexander Dennis Ltd of Falkirk,  The order is set to bring the total cost of modernising the firms fleet to £455m. The company has spent the last 6 years pushing the initiative to modernise the bus group’s fleet of over 2,500 vehicles.

The new buses will also be offering free WiFi & charging ports.

A new addition to the First Buses is the free WiFi available on board, new USB charging ports for phones and tablet users. The furnishings will also be having a massive upgrade with most having leather seats and audio visual displays showing commuters the next stop and route.

The buses also have lower emissions in an aim to get green certification on more than 1,000 buses. First Buses are pushing the green initiative in larger towns and cities.

First Bus is pushing the concept of more attractive public transport commuting, the WiFi will soon be available on around 60% of its buses. Giles Fearnley, Managing Director stated that the company was determined to attract more customers and grow their business..

Bus rivals Stagecoach recently invested £97m into updating its fleet with 400 new buses, also built by Alexander Dennis Ltd, and other suppliers Mercedes and Volvo.

This continues a recent streak of good news for Alexander Dennis Limited who have won several orders recently for the building of fleets. The company recently won another order from Wrightbus for 91 buses for a new fleet.

Alexander Dennis Limited is due to build 71 single deck buses and 133 double-deckers. The Plaxton brand is also going to responsible for the creation of 10 coaches with the chassis being manufactured by vehicle giant Volvo.

The upgrades are set to be released by the end of the financial year.

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