IWN Duxford Release Programme For Airfield Safety Day

IWN Duxford Release Programme For Airfield Safety Day

The programme has been announced for the Airfield Safety Day. IWM Duxford have released the programme ahead of the 8th April event. The day will include a variety of different talks, tours and table-top presentations. The Airfield Safety Day should allow the General Aviation community the chance to come together in order to meet other aviation enthusiasts as well as learning about General Aviation best practice and new developments.

The Day will offer guided tours pf two exhibitions on the site, the AirSpace and Battle of Britain Exhibits. The Presentations will be held from 11:30 am-1:30pm and then repeated between pm and 4pm. The presentations will be hosted by a variety of different speakers the Head of the Civil Aviation Authority General Aviation Unit, Tony Rapson.

The Civil Aviation Authority was started in 2014, in order to improve regulations by reducing and simplifying them. This process makes sure the sector is dynamic and responsive to change. The presentation held by Tony Rapson will cover the updates and progress made by the General Aviation Unit over the past year since the 2016 Airfield Safety Day. There will also be a section that will cover the organisation’s plans for the future.

Another speaker is Blain Kelly, the Terminal Control Safety Manager at the National Air Traffic Services. Blain’s presentation looks at NATS, the UK’s leading air traffic control provider, and their new air traffic solutions. The organisation has also created a new product for effects the systematic safety management system that will allow for the continual improvement of GA aviation safety.

Other speakers at the event include Flight Sergeant Paul Buttolph and his team at Distress & Diversion, Mike O’Donoughue the Chief Executive of the General Aviation Safety Council.

Entry to the Airfield Safety Day is £5 per person. Landing fee for aircraft at the show is £8 per craft. It is advised that those travelling to the Safety Day by car pre-book.

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