New G4S Partnership To Benefit Airports, Airlines And Passengers

New G4S Partnership To Benefit Airports, Airlines And Passengers


New G4S Partnership To Benefit Airports, Airlines And Passengers

G4S has signed a new partnership with Global Choice, which will improve and speed up the check-in process for passengers.

The agreement will also introduce passenger handling backup systems for airlines and enable G4S to take on additional services which will benefit passengers, airlines and airports.

These will include improvements to off-site and mobile check-in, document verification and facial recognition systems – all designed to make the ‘airport experience’ for passengers more reliable and straightforward.

Global Choice will have the chance to capitalise on the extensive customer base of G4S and a larger global shop-window for their products.

David Stockton, director, G4S Global Aviation Solutions, said: “Airports, airlines and individual passengers will soon feel the benefits of this new partnership.

“The partnership with Global Choice consolidates some of the leading service delivery security processes in the industry and will allow G4S staff to extend the range of their duties, offering airlines and airports additional layers to their passenger security programmes.”

The agreement will enable G4S teams around the world to carry out documentation verification to support travel to the US and other countries.

Airlines and airports have to meet rigorous standards set by US Transport Security Administration and comply with Advance Passenger Information Requirements. These improvements will enable airlines and airports to comply and avoid regulatory fines.

John Kiss, business development manager, Global Choice, said: “This partnership with G4S further expands on our ability to deliver industry leading solutions to airlines and airports worldwide that are looking for an end-to-end security solution.”

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