ATOM's New Customer Portal Unveiled at EBACE

ATOM's New Customer Portal Unveiled at EBACE

The ATOM’s new customer portal was unveiled at EBACE 2018 by Flight Consulting Group, a Latvian business aviation holding company, allowing business aviation customers to leverage instant and easy access to all necessary information in a real time mode. The ATOM technology solution is a tailor-made online system that integrates ERP, CRM, flight management and business analytics.

“Business aviation companies spend a lot of time on phone calls searching for information, clarifying details and managing orders. The ATOM’s new customer portal brings order management process to a single platform that helps to reduce time on many operations and allows customers and suppliers to always be on the same page. The portal is designed to become a helpful assistant to Flight Consulting Group and our clients. We are glad our product got high interest at EBACE”, said Sergey Starkov, managing director, Flight Consulting Group.

The new customer portal provides instant access to flight preparation status, detailed information on the upcoming flight, the flight status, the history of orders, advanced statistics for each aircraft, as well as allowing placing orders for business aviation flights directly from the ATOM system. The platform is designed to increase the efficiency of all parties, providing instant access to any necessary information within a few clicks.

At EBACE, attendees highlighted the current timeline for all business jets and online monitoring of a flights status that allows customers to keep abreast and make timely adjustments from any place and any device as the user-friendly interface is adjusted for desktop, smartphones and tablets.

NOTAMs and meteorological information can also be received online via the ATOM customer portal. Other useful functions, including mutual settlements for all Flight Consulting Group’s services and automated pricing for the scheduled flights will be implemented soon.

The ATOM was developed by Flight Consulting Group in cooperation with experts in the field of efficient business IT solutions. It incorporates more than 18 years of company’s experience in the area of business aviation, its own technologies and know-how.

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