Atkins Awarded Best Consultancy By UK Airport Operators

Atkins Awarded Best Consultancy By UK Airport Operators


Atkins Awarded Best Consultancy By UK Airport Operators

Atkins has been named as Best Consultancy by the UK Airport Operators Association (AOA) at its 2013 annual awards.

The award recognises the multidisciplinary airport work delivered by the company for a wide range of aviation clients over the last year. Specific projects referenced in the award include the airport design and infrastructure, surface access and environmental impacts work for the Mayor of London’s submission to the UK Airports Commission for a new hub airport in the South East; work to improve the Private Mobile Radio (PMR) services at Heathrow; and automated queue measurement for Heathrow using a combination of laser and archway metal detector data and Bluetooth ‘tracking’.

Mike Pearson, director of airports at Atkins, said: “Since we started planning and designing airports more than 50 years ago, aircraft have become bigger, runways and taxiways busier, and airport terminals have to handle more people. At the same time we have to provide better facilities and improve the passenger experience within a tight regulatory context.

“This award recognises the specialist skills and commitment of Atkins’ planners, designers, architects and engineers who continue to come up with great solutions that meet the evolving needs of passengers, airlines, airport operators and governments, and in turn help provide the airport infrastructure to better connect people and businesses and support economic and social prosperity.”

The AOA is the trade association representing the interests of UK airports, and the principal body engaging with the UK Government and regulatory authorities on airport matters. AOA award winners are selected by the AOA board – a group of senior individuals from the UK airport industry.

Atkins provides multidisciplinary expertise at every stage of airport projects, from strategic planning to concept and detailed design. Today, nearly 200 million passengers safely arrive or depart from runways constructed by Atkins designers.

The AOA awards were presented by Ed Anderson, AOA chairman and Simon Calder, senior travel editor at The Independent, as part of the 2013 AOA annual conference and awards, held in London on 21-22 October.

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