First class windowless suite. Future of Flying

First class windowless suite. Future of Flying

Admiring the beauty of the world from above could soon be a thing of the past as Emirates unveil its first class windowless aeroplane suite.

Emirates have declared that windowless planes will be for the benefit of both passenger and planet, as they aim to create more aeroplanes with virtual windows instead of real ones. Meaning in the future, you might not be able to see your favourite skyline from birds eyes view, instead you’ll see a projection of it.

The change is huge, and for frequent and infrequent flyers alike, the change isn’t being welcomed with open arms, as flying offers people a transportation experience like no other.

Emirates have assured customers the image quality on the windowless windows is outstanding, even claiming it to be better than the natural eye, offering every passenger the chance to feel as if they are by the window seat without the need for any arguments.

Windows can be points of structural weakness in a plane, which is why the idea for projections over views has come forth. Not only is flying in this way thought to be safer, it would reduce cost for airlines and consumers in the future due to lighter planes meaning less fuel consumption. There is always the likelihood however that prices might skyrocket if all aeroplanes are to be changed before customers see a financial benefit at a later date.

Less carbon dioxide would be emitted if the plans go ahead as Emirate wish, and passengers are to be provided with more room, cutting edge entertainment and in-flight services.

Emirates design features fibre optic cameras that can beam an image from the outside skies onto the wall of the plane, so passengers will be able to see out of the plane, in a sense, even without windows.

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