Ryanair Reveals New Accommodation Provider Plans

Ryanair Reveals New Accommodation Provider Plans

Ryanair is planning to become the ‘Amazon of air travel’ after it revealer plans to launch a new low price accommodation provider.

Ryanair Rooms is due to be launched by the low cost airline on October 1 and will feature homestay, villas, bed and breakfasts, hostels and hotels.

The company has now started inviting accommodation providers to put forward proposals to become a partner in the scheme, which users will access through the website.

Ryanair already offers the Ryanair Car Hire programme, which was launched in August last year in conjunction with Car Trawler, an online car rental platform.

Kenny Jacobs, Chief Marketing Officer at Ryanair, has declared that the airline will revolutionise the booking of accommodation.

He added that there is a growing tendency for customers to want services other than just flights from the company, and that this latest venture is a natural progression towards the firm becoming the ‘Amazon of air travel’.

Mr Jacobs said that the program also reflects how customers are increasingly demanding alternative types of accommodation, which will subsequently be shown by the variation on offer from Ryanair Room – from independent homestay to five-star hotel rooms.

He concluded by saying that Ryanair is looking forward to receiving proposals from accommodation partners who are showing an interest in the scheme and want to help Ryanair ‘disrupt’ the travel industry yet again.

It is thought that Ryanair Homes will attempt to challenge Airbnb in the private room rentals market. is currently the exclusive accommodation partner of the low cost airline, but has confirmed that at least two partners will be added from the companies who submit applications.

Ryanair is the biggest airline in Europe in terms of passenger numbers and last year flew 106 million journeys.

The firm’s management says it plans to use this base to rival fast-growing web firms.

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