Pegasus Airlines Reports Financial Growth

Pegasus Airlines Reports Financial Growth

Pegasus Airlines has announced its financial results for 2017, available for viewing on the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP). Its guest numbers have increased by 15.2% to 27.8 million, while its turnover grew by 44% to TL 5.3 billion, with the annual net profit for 2017 being TL 501 million.

In addition to its growth, Pegasus decided to exercise its 25-aircraft option in favour of the A321neo aircraft, thus making headway in its efforts to expand its fleet and flight network. During this year, it will add 10 new aircrafts to its fleet, with the first of these already delivered in February.

“Since last year, we have been saying that we predict real growth will begin in 2018. The positive trends in the sector and our own company confirm our beliefs. The figures show that we are heading in the right direction. The civil aviation sector is in a much better position generally and has managed to shake off the negative impact of the past few years. We have complete confidence in Turkey’s economy, civil aviation and tourism potential. In 2018, Pegasus aims to increase its guest numbers and capacity by between 11 and 13%,” commented on the results Pegasus Airlines CEO Mehmet T. Nane.

To further its growth, technology was among the key investment areas for Pegasus this year: “By closely following technological developments and using technology to create added value projects for our guests, we are better prepared for the future. We aim to be ranked among the top 10 airlines globally with regard to technology use,” added Mehmet T. Nane.

Among its investment plans for 2018 is the digitization of the cabin crew and ground staff, so that these teams can perform their work more easily and achieve maximum efficiency. In addition, Pegasus is preparing to restructure all of its systems using cutting-edge technology and will carry out optimisation of all points of contact where guests can be provided with faster and more efficient services.

Another important goal for 2018 is investing and creating new employment in the sector: “We view the development of the aviation sector in general and creating employment in Turkey as being among our key goals and responsibilities, and just as important as managing and developing the company to the best of our abilities. Pegasus is planning to recruit approximately 1,400 personnel during 2018,” concluded Mehmet T. Nane.

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