FedEx Express Announced That it Will Start Operating a New Flight

FedEx Express Announced That it Will Start Operating a New Flight

FedEx Express, the world’s biggest transportation company has announced that it will start operating a new flight path which will link TNT’s European air hub in Liège, Belgium to the FedEx World Hub which is located in Memphis, USA. This new fight is set to be starting in early April 2017. From Memphis, the craft will travel around the world to Shanghai via Seattle and Anchorage. All this will happen before returning to Liège.

This proposal is an important step towards connecting both FedEx and TNT networks. This connection will allow TNT customers throughout the world the ability to connect with the more robust portfolio of FedEx services based in the USA and Canada.

TNT customers will be able to ship to North America and benefit form a wider coverage as well as faster transit times. The customers will also be able to benefit from higher weight capabilities as well as still being able to use TNT as they do today.

FedEx Express intend on using Boeing 777 Freighters that will be able to offer 116 tons of capacity to the new scheme. When in Memphis the new service will be able to increase the volumes of TNT into the FedEx network for delivery around the U.S and Canada.

Other improvements this new service will bring include: consistent two-day transit times for express shipments going from Europe to the U.S. and Canada; Tree day transit times from the U.S. and Canada to Middle-East and Africa; An optional Pre-noon delivery for express parcels; There will also be more opportunities for customers in the U.S. Pacific Northwest section of the market which could include a reduced cost and increased capacity service and a one day transit time reduction on perishable goods being sent to Shanghai.

This new venture will incorporate TNT further into the FedEx operation as well as offering new delivery options and timeframes.

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