Air Charter Service Announced As Founding Sponsor Of Powering Imagination

Air Charter Service Announced As Founding Sponsor Of Powering Imagination

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Air Charter Service Announced As Founding Sponsor Of Powering Imagination

87 years ago this month, Charles Lindbergh departed on a journey from San Diego that would end up in Paris, capture the world’s imagination and dramatically shape the future of travel. Today, world-leading aircraft charter provider, Air Charter Service (ACS), announces their part in the latest chapter in the Lindbergh legacy: Powering Imagination.

Charles Lindbergh’s flight across the Atlantic in the Spirit of St Louis altered the aviation industry forever. The technologies, flight planning methods, and discipline used on this historic flight transformed aviation from being a pastime for daredevils, into a global transportation industry that seamlessly connects cultures and continents. Even as early as the 1930s, Charles Lindbergh could see that the benefits of aviation in connecting the world were enormous, but he also saw risks to the environment created by the huge increase in mobility and travel.

Powering Imagination, headed-up by Charles’ grandson Erik Lindbergh, is an enterprise that aims to advance green aviation technology through practical application and education. Over the course of the next few years, Erik and his team will fly alternative propulsion aircraft and quiet technologies at various events around the world to raise awareness and interest in the future of aviation.

“Forward thinking companies in aviation are looking at the innovations required to make aviation sustainable,” said Erik Lindbergh, CEO of Powering Imagination. “We are pleased to announce that Air Charter Service is a founding sponsor of Powering Imagination’s sustainable aviation programs. ACS is an innovator in efficiently utilizing private charter fleets around the world, and they play a critical role in mobilizing large fleets of aircraft globally when needed by relief organizations. Their contribution to our projects will greatly help us create a more sustainable future for flight”.

Lindbergh noted that the development of new technologies to increase efficiency, reduce emissions and decrease noise; are critical to maintaining a vibrant aerospace industry. ACS’s sponsorship of Powering Imagination will enable projects to reduce emissions and noise for future generations of aircraft.

The first of many Powering Imagination projects that will see ACS’s sponsorship put into use will be the ‘Quiet Flight Initiative’, a program which will see Lindbergh’s venture and Embry Riddle University develop and fly an electric aircraft designed to demonstrate how technology can drastically reduce noise pollution from aviation.

Chris Leach, chairman and founder of ACS, commented; “I’m delighted we have this opportunity to be a part of an initiative that will shape the future of our industry. It’s clear to me that in order to flourish we must look to address the issues of our time and look to create a sustainable future for aviation. I’m excited to see what Erik and his team accomplish and we’re proud to be the founding sponsor.”

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