Woodway UK Open Innovation Centre

Woodway Innovation Centre

Woodway UK Open Innovation Centre

Woodway UK Ltd, has recently opened a Packaging Innovation Centre in Northampton, following successful application of INV-ENT funding through Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership.

This unique centre, focussing on four key areas; Environment, Protection, Brand and Efficiency, will incorporate a practical hands-on training centre with an educational area to discuss with customers best-practice for packaging.

Managing Director, Jason Inwood, explains, “This new centre gives customers the opportunity to review different options with our experienced Technical Team including branding for ecommerce and ‘click & collect’ packaging, as well as receive training on how to best package items to avoid breakages whilst minimising the amount of packaging required.

“We also have a number of packaging machines and fully equipped packing benches to simulate the packing environment. This enables customers to be trained in a realistic environment and gives them the opportunity to try out different equipment and see which best-fits their own operation.”

Products include paper and air bag machines, a case sealer, a heat sealer, a shredder and an automatic strapping machine. There is also a Geami expander. Geami WrapPak, exclusive to Woodway in the UK, is a sustainable alternative to bubble wrap. Recently demonstrated at the Packaging Innovations Show, this product not only gives excellent presentation but enhances customer experience by its in-box presentation and recyclability.

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