WG Davies Switches to LED Lighting with Help from Carbon Trust Loan

WG Davies Switches to LED Lighting with Help from Carbon Trust Loan

WG Davies, the main dealer for MAN Truck & Bus UK Ltd in South Wales has announced that they have recently upgraded their lighting systems at their Cardiff, Swansea and Tenby storage facilities. The lighting systems in these facilities have been exchanged for energy efficient LED luminaires which have been supplied and installed by Ecolighting Ltd.

The Leicestershire-based energy saving lighting specialist has installed LED technology at the dealer’s site in order to help reduce carbon emissions and fuel costs. It is thought that the company making the switch to LED at these three sites can result in an average annual; energy savings of 76.65 for WG Davies. This energy saving means that the company’s yearly energy is predicted to be slashed by an average of £8,000 per site. This is great news for the vehicle dealer and will significantly reduce their operating costs.

The opportunity to switch to LED lighting was made all the more appealing to WG Davies when they found out that the business qualified for an interest-free loan which was offered by Carbon Trust. There is an opportunity for SME’s that are based in Wales and operating in the private sector to apply for loans to replace equipment that could be having an impact on their fuel costs, such as lighting. The Private sector SMEs must be able to demonstrate an acceptable credit history and must have been trading as a Limited company for a minimum of 12 months, or as an Unincorporated for a minimum of 36 months. If the business meets these qualifications, they are then able to apply for interest free, unsecured loans from the Carbon Trust of up to £200,000 in order to replace the existing equipment with fossil fuel saving alternatives.

The replacement of older and less efficient equipment can be costly, despite the guaranteed savings, and a lot of SMEs may not be able to afford the initial outlay, so the loans offered by Carbon Trust are essential. The installation of more energy saving equipment will have a swift return on investment, and the loans offered to businesses in Wales mean that the initial finance barrier is removed.

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