United Kingdom Warehousing Association Successfully Agreed a New Agreement

United Kingdom Warehousing Association Successfully Agreed a New Agreement

The United Kingdom Warehousing Association, or UKWA has successfully agreed a new agreement with the Fork Lift Truck Association, or the FLTA. The agreement that has been formed by the UKWA and the FLTA is a reciprocal membership arrangement. Both of these companies focus on working toward the improvements of standards in the materials handling industry.

The UKWA is the leading trade organisation in Britain and has members across the logistics sector. The Association has more than 650 members who will now all have access to added benefits from the reciprocal membership agreement that has been formed with the FLTA. The Members of the UKWA includes a number of different manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and suppliers that are all a part of the logistics industry as well as warehousing and logistics service providers.

Now that this agreement has been formed, the members of the UKWA will receive extra benefits from the both the UKWA and the FLTA. Both of the associations will be able to provide their  members with more benefits because of this new reciprocal membership. As a part of the agreement, the UKWA members are immediately entitled to a membership of the FLTA’s Safe User Group at a more favourable rate. This means that the members of the Warehousing Association will now have access to a wider range of resources and advice that has come from industry experts in order to help them improve the materials handling industry.

The FLTA is a membership association for those who work with Fork Lift Trucks, whether that is the dealers, maintenance and service providers, and training suppliers. The memberships are divided into different categories depending on a number of requirements and the Association then offers a variety of benefits. The Safe User Group that the UKWA has access to as a part of the agreement has been created for the end user of fork lift trucks.

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