Two-Tier Forklift Rental Fleets Mean Users Get Yesterday’s Technology

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Two-Tier Forklift Rental Fleets Mean Users Get Yesterday’s Technology

Leading handling equipment specialist, Jungheinrich UK Ltd, is advising those companies that supplement their forklift fleets with trucks on short term rental deals to always check the age profile of their supplier’s fleet before putting pen to paper on the contract.

“I have been to sites where the trucks supplied on short term rental are so old that they certainly compromise on-site efficiency and could, potentially, impact on  safety,” says Neil Warren, Jungheinrich UK Ltd’s Used Equipment and Short Term Rental Director.

“Some companies offering short term hire solutions operate what are, in effect, two-tier rental fleets. These comprise a mix of reasonably new equipment and very old trucks that have already seen many years of service. The older models have usually just returned to the supplier after completing a long contract hire period and are sometimes drafted in from the supplier’s used equipment fleet. Because of their age they simply aren’t as efficient as they should be.

“Forklift technology has moved on dramatically over the past few years and the difference in, for example, fuel efficiency between a new ic-engine counterbalance and a five year-old model is significant. Older trucks cannot match the operating efficiency of newer trucks and will incur higher running costs.”

Jungheinrich has recently invested over £6 million in its short term rental fleet. The company now has in excess of 4000 units available for short term rental and the average age  of the trucks is less than two years old.

All products are available for next day delivery anywhere in the UK and are supplied and maintained from one of Jungheinrich’s six regional rental locations.

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