Toshiba Portable Wireless Printers Chosen For National Distribution Centre

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Toshiba Portable Wireless Printers Chosen For National Distribution Centre

When a Bedfordshire distribution centre for a multi national organisation decided to ‘go wireless’ with its label printing requirements, it turned to Toshiba’s systems integration partner, Kelgray, to provide a solution that could work alongside its existing Radio Data Terminals (RDT) and seamlessly integrate into its Red Prairie Warehouse Management System (WMS).

The distribution centre picks, packs and despatches over 18,000 cartons, equating to over £1M worth of products per day, to businesses and consumers all over the country.  With this quantity of products being shipped, it was essential for them to have a robust and reliable label printing solution that could operate 24/7 from its fleet of 20 warehouse trucks, in order to print the 10,000 labels required daily.

The company was prompted to refresh its existing ageing wired printing solution and was looking for a low cost, easy to use, wireless printing option that was also compact, reliable and robust and could easily be mounted into its existing truck solution.

The Toshiba B-EP4-GH40 compact, portable printer was recommended by Kelgray and, Sales Manager for Kelgray said, “We recommended the Toshiba 4 inch portable as the perfect low-cost printer to replace the existing legacy products because they are reliable, robust, with quality printed labels and they  are easy to load and replace.”

Following a successful trial, the distribution centre has had one print solution installed into its first truck, with plans to roll-out across the entire estate over the coming months.  The company has been very impressed with the Toshiba solution and the support provided by Toshiba’s pre-sales technical team, who worked seamlessly to ensure the printer could operate with the existing RDTs and integrate into the WMS.

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