New SafeStretch Pallet Wrapping System Launches


New SafeStretch Pallet Wrapping System Launches

One of the UK’s leading packaging companies, Wessex Packaging, is launching a new stretch wrapping system, which promises to make pallet wrapping not only easier but also much safer for thousands of operators throughout the UK.

SafeStretch is an innovative stretch wrapping system with an ergonomic, easy-to-grip handle, and an automatic tensioning system which means that the operator is saved from bending and twisting his or her back while applying tension to the stretch film around pallets.

According to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), back pain accounts for one in five workplace injuries. A quarter of all compensation claims are for back injuries; 80% of these due to damage to the lower back. With existing hand held pallet wrappers, the operator must bend and twist the back while applying tension to the stretch film. With the innovative new product, the operator remains in a straight position, and the chance of back injury is greatly reduced.

At less than £160, SafeStretch can often be purchased using a Health and Safety budget as it minimises the risk to operators’ backs. SafeStretch utilises a longer length (1000 metre) roll which means fewer roll changes, lessening operator downtime.

Mark Barter, Managing Director says: “From pre-launch trials of SafeStretch, customers have said that the solution has revolutionised their packaging and decreased downtime, all while minimising risk to employees’ backs.”

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