How Can Retailers Improve Their Delivery Service?

How Can Retailers Improve Their Delivery Service?

Paul Doble, director and ecommerce expert at DX, a leading independent logistics and parcel distribution company operating throughout the UK & Ireland, offers advice on how retailers can improve their delivery service:

“Any logistics firm should be treated as an extension of the retailer they work with; as they operate under the same brand umbrella, the success or failure of the partnership will reflect directly on the retailer. To improve their delivery service, online retailers need to establish which elements are important to their target market and make the necessary changes. It’s important for retailers to understand the choice their Customers are looking for in their delivery options in order to provide a diverse range of delivery options, times and prices that would allow the Customer to pick the best option tailored to their needs – particularly important for time-poor Customers that may prefer the option to select a specific time for delivery. Furthermore, retailers could specify in very exact terms how long each delivery option will take to arrive and provide a tracking system in order for the Customer to know what stage their delivery is at.

From a demand perspective, even the most organised delivery systems can suffer reputational damage due to a failure to plan for seasonal changes in demand, and the pressures generated by successful promotional campaigns. Managing the Customer is a big part of getting it right, but managing internal planning can be just as important.

All of these options rely very heavily on a relationship of trust and understanding between the retailer and their logistics firm. To improve their delivery service, online retailers need to look carefully at their existing logistics partner and see if there’s any room for improvement.”

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