PM Sees Jungheinrich Trucks Support Vital Humanitarian Aid Work

Prime Minister David Cameron Visits Aid Disaster Response Centre

PM Sees Jungheinrich Trucks Support Vital Humanitarian Aid Work

British Prime Minister David Cameron recently visited the Department for International Development’s (DfID) UK aid Disaster Response Centre at Cotswold Airport as part of the Government’s response to help the Yazidi refugees stranded in the mountains in Iraq.

The DfID facility is the centre of operations for the distribution of millions of pounds of UK aid to crisis points around the world. It is the hub for the distribution of clean water, improved sanitation facilities and hygiene kits as well as food, shelter and other support equipment and medical supplies.

The facility relies on storage racking and materials handling equipment supplied by Jungheinrich for the efficiency of its vital work.

In total there are three Jungheinrich forklifts in operation throughout the site – including two new Diesel  Stratus counterbalanced trucks (seen in the photograph) and an ETV114 reach truck. The racking was designed and installed by Jungheinrich’s Systems & Projects Division.

Jungheinrich’s Mark Epton, who worked closely with DfID’s logistics team on the design of the unit, commented: “Clearly time is often the critical factor in DfID’s work so reliable materials handling equipment is essential. We are delighted to be able to support DfID in their operations with our products and services.”

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