Palletline Proves Service First And Volume Follows

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Palletline Proves Service First And Volume Follows

Palletline hit a new record for pallets delivered in a single day. The palletised distribution specialist processed just under 16,000 pallets on Wednesday 17th April, beating last years’ record of just under 13,500.

The Wednesday before Easter is renowned in the sector as ‘Black Wednesday’ because it is consistently the busiest day of the year for the UK distribution industry. Good Friday and Easter Monday creates two consecutive four day weeks, putting capacity and quality to the test at all major distributors.

Despite the increased pressures of the Bank Holiday weekend, Palletline still achieved 98.28% successful delivery ratios – testament to the network’s commitment to quality service.

Kevin Buchanan, Managing Director for Palletline, said:

“The network is growing at 30% year on year, out stripping the sector average of around 20%. Our expanding market share is underpinned by investments we have made over the last few years in service and market leading technology. At the start of the recession we did see some pressure from cheap alternative solutions but as the economy has started to improve more and more customers are seeing the value of having fair sustainable long term partnerships with us due to the industry leading service levels we consistently deliver.

“Palletline has always been cost-effective, but unwilling to compromise on quality. Our customers value the network’s commitment to service excellence – and our sustainable pricing strategy has seen us surpass competitors whose quality has fallen with their rates.”

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