Overseas Supplier Success

LayerMaster in use

Overseas Supplier Success

UK attachment company confirms distributorship of leading US product following successful site audit.

B&B Attachments Managing Director, Mike Barton and Operations Director, John Lamberth travelled to meet with US supplier, Tygard Machine & Manufacturing Company for routine audit involving a full assessment of Tygard’s manufacturing process.  This inspection was conducted in adherence to B&B’s status with ISO 9001 and their own highest standards to customers’ requirements.  Our successful investigation leads B&B to reconfirm their role as an EU distributor of the Tygard Claw.

Mike Barton explains:

“This trip required us to make a full technical inspection of the way Tygard designed, manufactured and assembled their products.  Health and safety is of course, a very key issue in all industries, so we needed to make sure this was prioritized at every point.  B&B audited all aspects of the manufacturing and supply of the Tygard Claw to ensure that it could be correctly certificated when supplied within the EU market.  I’m delighted to say that Tygard, once again, exceeded our expectations on every front.  It was a very successful visit, and great to see the team there.”

Established in the materials handling business for over 30 years, Tygard Machine & Manufacturing Company, created their revolutionary “Tygard Claw” in 1995.  Designed and manufactured on site, the Tygard Claw is a layer-picking device sold worldwide through carefully selected distributors like B&B Attachments. Please note this product has been branded the “LayerMaster” in keeping with B&B’s UK distribution rights.

Ed Tygard, Owner of Tygard Machine & Manufacturing Co. enthuses about the renewed partnership.

“We at Tygard take great pride in being recognized world-wide for our commitment to quality.  This commitment, however, extends beyond our high manufacturing standards for our products and includes the standard of those who represent our company and our products.   B&B’s integrity and dedication to higher standards matches that of our own and we could not be more pleased with the renewed partnership.”

Mike Barton explains the benefits of the attachment further.

“In UK industries, the LayerMaster is widely-used in all major supermarkets, especially in the separation of fresh fruit and vegetable stacks.  As well as aiding the selection of orders, it also reduces vehicle requirements.  One end-user reduced its vehicle requirement by one in every four, making a greater saving overall.  We are delighted to continue our partnership with Tygard.  During our time as European distributor for the company, we’ve sold over 100 of their products, and we hope to increase this rapidly with the renewed distributorship.  With the completion of our audit, we have further affirmation of the quality of everything they do, ensuring an excellent product is supplied to our customers.  We look forward to our customer gaining the numerous benefits a LayerMaster can provide.”

The LayerMaster, available in both a front and side mount options, was originally designed for Coca Cola in Pennsylvania.  This attachment selects layers, breaking down full stacks to compile orders.  With the LayerMaster, the operator can bring over-height loads into the warehouse and reduce the stack from 2.4metres to 1.6 meters, as per industry requirements.  In the US it is most commonly used in the beverage industry, however, it handles a wide range of products from food to paint.

B&B Attachments is the leading UK supplier of forklift truck attachments.  The company was established in 1980, facilitating the sale of goods from suppliers such as KAUP GmbH& Co. KG and MoTec GmbH.  B&B also provide hire contracts through their dedicated Hire Department and servicing and repairs for each attachment.  Their in-house Design Engineers create attachments for unique materials handling issues.  The company’s Head Office is located at Unit 39a/39b Colbourne Crescent, Nelson Park Industrial Estate, Cramlington, Northumberland NE23 1WB.

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