Muscle Food & Westin Gourmet Invest In Access For Great Customer Service

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Muscle Food & Westin Gourmet Invest In Access For Great Customer Service

Muscle Food & Westin Gourmet LLP, is to introduce advanced warehouse management solution (WMS) Access Delta. The decision to improve their customer services through a new WMS comes as their prestigious fan base is on the rise. Fans of Muscle Food include Joe Calzaghe CBE, Aled Davies MBE, Phillip Hindes MBE and even David Gandy and Calum Best, it is therefore imperative for the businesses to complement their products with the utmost professionalism and service.

Darren Beale, director for Muscle Food and Westin Gourmet LLP, explains, “We recognised that our customers rely on us to meet their nutritional needs, many are Olympians, body builders or athletes. Training for events like the up and coming Commonwealth Games requires a strict diet, and full focus. They don’t want to be ordering and then finding out items in their order are missing.

“With Westin Gourmet, people order from us for a special occasion, if the order is wrong we have potentially ruined a celebratory dinner party. Ensuring we never let our customer down is why we have invested in Access Delta.”

“Our driving force behind choosing Access was the people, Access passionately understood our issues thoroughly. The software that Access could offer us was rich with features and had clear emphasis on earning enough recurring income to improve the system, this is perfect for our ERP add-ons including Access Dimensions,” explains Darren.

“With Access Delta, we’re expecting to reduce customer support time, this will ensure that we can continue to retain and offer the best possible services to our happy customers. We’ll also be expecting to see a dramatic reduction in cost per pick.”

He adds, “Customer support will love it as there will less issues to sort out, the picking and packing team will learn to adapt, but once implemented it will be fantastic. Managing stock will also become less time consuming.”

Darren Concludes, “We didn’t choose Access, they chose us! It was clear that they wanted to work with Muscle Food and Westin Gourmet because of the amount of time they invested prior to us agreeing to go with them. Phone calls and e-mails were answered always on the same day, and often late at night. This gave us the confidence to push forward with Access and create the foundations for a long lasting business relationship. It was a very easy decision in the end.”

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