Mister Spex successfully use New Management System

Mister Spex has announced that they have been successfully using a warehouse management system from PSI Logistics GmbH. The leading online opticians in Europe has said that they have been using the
PSIwms management system as part of the businesses website logistics processes. The company has
been using the warehouse management since November 2016.
Mister Spex works to offer customers with the largest selection online of brand name glasses. The
glasses that are featured on the website are all directly available to the customer and there are also a
range of sunglasses and contact lenses. The company work to distribute their products to customers all
around Europe. The majority of the stores’ goods are kept in a main 6,500 spare meter warehouse. From
this location it is estimated that around 10,000 packages are sent each day nd the warehouse deals with
more than 2 million customers around Europe.
The warehouse management system that has been installed and utilized at this central location has
been connected to the Mavision ERP system which then works to manage and control all of the different
processes including received goods and goods that have been shipped to customers. This management
system at the warehouse also includes that administration aspect of the optical business as well as the
inventory and the production supply and order handling. In order to carry out these processes
effectively, there are two different picking systems that have been utilized.
The picking of the products is carried out in multi-order picks which means that less distance is travelled,
as the management system can perform up to 50 different orders in one pick. The scanning process of
the warehouse and the products has also been made to be used in order to make the process of picking
the order form the warehouse more efficient.
The PSI system that is being used at the warehouse is also quite flexible and has been designed so that it
can adapt for the future. Hopefully this means that Mister Spex will continue to have more success with
their logistics processes in the future.

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