Masternaut Solution Helps BJB Lift Trucks Drive A 15% Saving In Fuel Costs

Masternaut Solution Helps BJB Lift Trucks Drive A 15% Saving In Fuel Costs

BJB Lift Trucks, the intelligent materials handling solutions provider, is using Masternaut’s powerful fleet management solution to monitor the location of its fleet and distribute workloads accordingly, to create the most cost-efficient and productive workforce.

BJB Lift Trucks has seen widespread benefits across the business, since installation, with Masternaut’s solution giving it the ability to distribute work loads according to exact vehicle positioning. This has produced a 15% drop in fuel cost through cutting down on the unnecessary time vehicles spend out on the road.

The knock-on effect from this has been a reduction in vehicle usage, meaning that vehicle depreciation has been lowered, extending the vehicle life-cycle and reducing the requirement for maintenance or repair work. Operational efficiency has been improved, with a cut down in driving as well as quicker depot turnaround times, meaning that each member of staff is fully utilised throughout the working day.

The HR division has seen a number of benefits, with Masternaut’s in-depth retrospective reporting providing evidence for disciplinary matters such as speeding, while forming a comprehensive audit trail. The finance department benefits from improved operational efficiency as these reports can be cross-checked with timesheets instantly, making expense claims easily verifiable.

“We selected Masternaut above other telematics providers due to the high level of professional service they offer at a very reasonable cost, in comparison to competitors. Since using Masternaut’s solution, we’ve seen benefits across the whole business – not just fleet operations.” Commented BJB Lift Trucks.

“With 80% of our team out on the road, it’s vital we keep track of their locations and without Masternaut we couldn’t have done it. The team are always on hand to advise and support us whenever needed, and we look forward to working with Masternaut in the future to introduce further innovation to our business.”

Martin Hiscox, CEO and chairman of Masternaut, adds: “It’s great to see that as a result of our work together, we’ve helped oversee a 15% cut in fuel costs businesswise at BJB Lift Trucks.”

“With the bulk of BJB Lift Truck’s workforce mobile, we knew it was essential for fleet managers to have full visibility of their fleet at all times. Our solution has ensured this has been the outcome and we’re looking forward to seeing how we can further cut costs and improve efficiency with BJB Lift Trucks.”

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