LPR Calls For Bonfire Pallet Amnesty After £1.4m Goes Up In Smoke


LPR Calls For Bonfire Pallet Amnesty After £1.4m Goes Up In Smoke

As local authorities and community groups pack up from another successful bonfire night, pallet pool provider LPR is counting the cost to the environment of more than 140,000 serviceable wooden pallets going up in smoke.

Based on calculations by Europe’s second largest pallet pool operator, around £1.4 million could be wasted in the UK each year by bonfire organisers who use pallets to fuel the flames. Beyond the financial cost, LPR has also highlighted the environmental impact of burning the 28,000 trees required to make these pallets.

Jane Gorick, managing director of LPR UK, comments: “There is a common misconception that pallets are disposable but this is far from the truth. As a precision-engineered and expensive piece of equipment, the retail industry expects to receive a certain lifecycle from each pallet.

“Indeed, pallets have been designed to be reused a minimum of 50 times and, therefore, provide the most environmentally-friendly method of moving goods to market. This is especially the case with pallets from LPR, as all of our timber comes from approved forestry sources.

“Every pallet burned on a bonfire is not only an example of handling stolen goods, but also causes significant environmental impact. We all love a good bonfire and there are now some fantastic reusable beacons which can provide a safe and effective structure for everyone to enjoy. So, let’s all make a pledge to keep pallets off the bonfires in 2015.”

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