Lenham Storage Adopts Tru Tac's TruControl

Lenham Storage Adopts Tru Tac’s TruControl

The ambient grocery and beverage warehousing and distribution specialists, Lenham Storage has said that they have experienced a range of unexpected additional benefits since adopting the TruControl System offered by TruTac. Lenham Storage is known for being one of the leading grocery logistics experts in the UK. The company were already aware of how important tachograph management was to the business, however, the business has now committed to a continuous programme of improvement in order to boost their already impressive compliance performance.

Lenham have always been good at managing their tachographs. However, the company realised that, through the use of Tru Tac’s TruControl, they could take compliance to a higher level. Now Lenham are using the valuable data collected from the tachographs in order to drive a range of efficiencies in their operations as opposed to simply complying to regulation.

This more holistic approach to their operations has led to a significant reduction in the level of driver infringements reported as well as leading to better administration practices, auditing controls and significant driver behaviour improvement with the implementation of improved debriefing and education.

Lenham uses approximately 250 vehicles for the daily distribution of their groceries and ambient goods to a range of multiples, high street retailers, hotels and farm shops throughout the UK. It became apparent while carrying out these operations that the company needed to install a fleet compliance control system. TruControl now offers a 24/7 web-based reporting system to Lenham as standard and has allowed Steve and his team to access important operational data in minutes. This means that total control of all WTD and compliance is available to the company and allows them to carry out strategic management decisions based on these figures.

Controlling the tachograph data of the ambient grocery and beverage distribution vehicles is an essential art of staying on top of regulation and ensuring that Lenham has a legal and efficient fleet. The implementation of TruControl was simple and easy as well, with the changeover taking place over the course of a couple of days.

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