Innovative Layer Picking System In Line For Industry Award

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Innovative Layer Picking System In Line For Industry Award

A new order picking system that allows over 1000 cases per hour to be picked has been named as a finalist in the Innovation category of this year’s Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) Awards.

The FlexiPiCK layer picking system is the latest product innovation from the UK-based materials handling solutions specialist, Flexi Narrow Aisle. Its clever design enables users to take advantage of the increasingly popular layer quantity order picking concept without the need to invest in the kind of high fixed cost and automated handling technology that previous layer picking systems have relied upon.

In simple terms, when using the FlexiPiCK full pallet loads of the most popular layer quantity product in the DC are arranged in an aisle format at ground level and with assembly stations  positioned at the end of each aisle. The FlexiPiCK’s integrated hydraulic arms carefully grip single or multiple layers of product and deliver each individual layer picked to the assembly station where a load is made up of full layers.

“By applying FlexiPiCK layer picking technology with its articulated chassis design to pick top selling lines, the savings can be mind-blowing and the FLTA has recognized this,” says John Maguire, sales and marketing director of Flexi Narrow Aisle.

He adds: “Selecting customer orders in layer picking quantities  with the FlexiPiCK slickens the picking process and increases the speed of pallet throughput at a warehouse or DC and allows the user to build up mixed pallets quickly, safely and efficiently with minimal use of manual labour.”

The FLTA Awards winners will be announced at a ceremony in February.

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