Ecolighting and the Importantce of Proper Warehouse Lighting Solutions

Ecolighting and the Importantce of Proper Warehouse Lighting Solutions

Ecolighting has been working to raise awareness in regards to the cost of lighting. It has been suggested that when exploring upgrades for lighting technology in warehousing or distributions centres, companies fail to consider the bigger picture. When lighting industrial buildings, fitting a new and sustainable LED system for example, that offers lower levels of maintenance but a larger initial outlay, costs less in the long term. Many warehouse operators and companies operating from industrial units opt for the initially cheaper light fittings available, with substandard fittings and more regular maintenance requirements and replacements needed.

Businesses could be spending thousands of pounds more in the long run to cover the energy bills, maintenance, repairs and replacements of substandard lighting equipment because of the appeal of a cheaper initial outlay. Eco lighting senior lighting systems designer, David Fanthorpe has said that choosing substandard fittings is one of the biggest mistakes to make when installing new lights. The money that may be saved on the cost of the fittings will be taken up with maintaining and replacing the units.

Looking into lighting systems that use a higher wattage but would require fewer fittings overall reduces energy costs, reduced costs of production and installation costs and maintenance. Exploring the whole life costs of lighting systems offer a more accurate costing as opposed to initial payments.

It is also important that the luminaries chosen have good IP, on Ingress Progression rates, which reflects the levels of sealing and their effectiveness for the electrical enclosures which can lead to damage and early replacement. Lower IP ratings are associated with poor quality electronics and would need to be replaced or cleaned a lot more often, which incurs a cost.

It is vital that facilities managers and warehouse managers are informed about their options and the benefits of different systems in order to make the most cost-effective choice for their company. Businesses like Ecolighting are also required to make sure that the correct information is passed on for more sustainable lighting solutions with a reduced whole life cost.

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