Dr. Will's Selected Walker Logistics for new Contract

Dr. Will’s Selected Walker Logistics for new Contract

In order to keep up with the increasing number of online and retailer orders that they have experienced, Dr. Will’s the London based company for ketchup and sauces has appointed Walker Logistics to manage their downstream logistics operations.

The company has seen the number of orders for their range of success grow recently. The company used to handle all of their orders in-house, but due to their growing success, they have had to pass on their downstream B2B and B2C logistics operations onto Walker Logistics.

Now that the contract has been signed, Walker will fulfill all of the e-commerce orders that are placed through the Dr. Will’s online portal as well as delivering and packing quantity replenishment stock to Dr. Will’s expanding list of retail partners which already include a wide range of well-known high street names such as Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Fenwick. The orders will be picked and packed before being shipped directly to the online customers and retailers from the 250,000 sq. ft. multi-client warehouse facility which is located just outside of Reading.

In order to make sure the orders from Dr. Will’s arrives in the best possible condition, Walker has worked closely with the company in order to establish a transit packaging solutions that work to protect the glass and sauce bottles with the most cost-effective solutions. It is vital for the logistics company to make sure that the orders are transported in the m0ost secure way. In order to achieve this the logistics company trialled a number of different methods in order to find the right outer packaging and infill combination for the products that have provided the level of protection required about it.

Dr. Will’s is still a young business, but has been experiencing a great deal of success which has led to a growth in operations. Hopefully going forward the company will continue to experience the same level of success.

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