Dematic and AutoStore Sign Global Agreement

Dematic and AutoStore Sign Global Agreement

Dematic has recently announced that they have signed a global agreement with AutoStoreĀ®. Dematic is a leading integrated automated technology, software and services supplier that works to offer solutions to make the most of supply chain. The company works across over 100 countries worldwide and this new agreement will allow the company to increase their omni-channel integrated solution with the addition of an ultra-high density storage and goods to person piece picking systems that could make order fulfillment and kitting more efficient.

AutoStore is a modular piece picking system that is created with five standard modules. These modules are robot, port or workstation, grid, bin and controller. This System works as a number of robots drive on the top of the grid spread across the facility in order to get access to the inventory, stored in bins below. The bins are stored and delivered to the ports or workstations as required. Approximately four times more inventory can be stored in the same space with AutoStore in comparison to other warehouse logistics solutions.

This agreement between AutoStore and Dematic will involve Dematic designing, configuring and installing AutoStore to be used as a sub-system in the wider Dematic logistics solution. AutoStore can also be used as a standalone picking system by Dematic in their operations around the world. Dematic has the potential to offer a scalable solution that can work in a range of dynamic order profiles and SKU velocities connected to e-commerce and omni-channel solutions. Using AutoStore alongside Dematicā€™s other offerings allows the company to offer the most comprehensive and efficient storage and picking service for each individual requirement. This expanded Dematic solution will allow the company to serve their customers with more thorough and efficient solutions.

This agreement has led to the creation of a solution that will be perfect for the to meet the expanding demands of the omni-channel distribution sector going forward.

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