Daifuku Celebrates 80 Years and Launches New Business Plan

Daifuku Celebrates 80 Years and Launches New Business Plan

Daifuku, one of the world’s leading suppliers of a material handling systems, has announced that they are celebrating a major milestone in their company history. Celebrating 80 years of delivering automated material handling solutions, Daifuku has successfully completed more than 10,000 projects with the presence of branches and contract partners in 23 countries operated by more than 8,600 employees.

Alongside this anniversary, Daifuku has also launched their medium-term business plan, called “Value Innovation 2020”. As a part of the initiative that has been detailed in the business plan, the company is focusing on being a global leader in materials handling. The business has expressed their intention to use new technologies to provide new solutions and increase system quality while also working to enhance the value of their services for customers.

The company was first founded in 1937, and has since then worked to expand into the world’s leading material handling supplier of automated systems. Daifuku has had a presence in Europe since 1989 and working to implement tailor-made intralogistics solutions for their customers. The factory automation and distribution automation solutions as well as baggage handling systems and a range of various solutions for airports as well as material flow solutions for cleanrooms and systems for production lines in the automotive industry.

As a part of Daifuku’s newly announced business plan, Daifuku will continue to aim for sustainable growth as well as the provision of smart logistics systems that can be used to meet the requirements of rapidly evolving logistics industry. The changes that are taking place in this industry are having an effect on the e-commerce market, with their capacity for the intra-logistics concepts of rapid processing for working on small scale orders, Daifuku is working to strengthen the competitiveness of the companies in this field. The implementation of the Value Innovation 2020 Business Plan, the company automated material handling system company is looking to promote more innovation for the online trade in the coming years.

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