Collett Offers a 110 Tonne Straddle Carrier at Grangemouth Depot

Collett Offers a 110 Tonne Straddle Carrier at Grangemouth Depot

At Collett’s portside Scottish headquarters in Grangemouth, they offer a 110 Tonne straddle carrier, a 45 Tonne straddle carrier and range of forklift trucks up to 15 Tonne. This heavy lift storage depot enables them to provide a fast and efficient Scottish hub for load handling, making the storage, consolidation and transhipment of components a cost effective option.

As with the company’s depots in Halifax, Goole, the Grangemouth facility is fully fenced and equipped with 24 hour CCTV coverage with security guards in operation for maximum safety.

Added to this specialist heavy lift facility the company also operates a multi-functional synchronous hydraulic heavy lift jacking system capable of monitoring the position of the load between the four jacks to within a 1mm tolerance. This innovative hydraulic equipment allows them to raise and slide industrial machinery, transformers and components up to 500 Tonne in a controlled manner, indoors or outdoors. With the option of jacking to lift and lower, and skidding to push and pull, they can load directly to trailer or relocate industrial machinery, transformers and components in confined spaces.

The Grangemouth site offers 3-acre of storage, with the potential to expand up to 15. Utilising this facility with the heavy lift straddle carriers and various lifting equipment allow them to offer ideal heavy lift storage and warehousing solutions for a wide range of cargoes.

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