New CAT® 80 Volt Truck Is Electrifying

Cat 80 volt

New CAT® 80 Volt Truck Is Electrifying

Impact Handling, a division of Eqstra Holdings, is introducing its most manoeuvrable line-up of electric trucks yet, the new EP25-35N 80 volt counterbalance range from Cat Lift Trucks®.

Fitted with a next generation four wheel steering system, the trucks can easily work in some of the most confined warehouse spaces. Turns are tight and smooth, with +100o rear axle rotation and curve control, reverse side turns can be made immediately, without pushing back. Uniquely, the truck can be steered using the front axle – helping reduce tyre wear as well as delivering improved agility and grip.

The new trucks are designed to cope with intensive duties and tough conditions, whilst being highly productive and, at the same time, a pleasure to drive, thanks to their agility, intelligence and comfort.

With adaptive speed control, built into its Responsive Drive System (RDS), the truck seems to ‘know’ how the driver wants it to behave at any moment. It reacts to the speed at which the accelerator pedal and hydraulic controls are being moved, instantly selecting the most appropriate mode. RDS also ensures that all movements, especially starting and stopping, are carried out smoothly.

Terry Kendrew, Managing Director of Impact Handling, the sole distributor for Cat Lift Trucks in the UK and Ireland, says: “Operators are increasingly looking for materials handling solutions which are versatile, economical and environmentally friendly – we are confident this new range of trucks will more than meet these expectations.”

In comparison to previous cornering systems, the intelligent curve control of the Cat EP25-35N range reduces speed in a much more natural and comfortable way. It starts with a small reduction, as the turn begins, and continues to respond to the steering in a way that avoids any sensation of sudden change or tilting as the truck corners.

There are five models in the range, including two compact versions, with capacities of 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 tonnes.

The spacious, high-comfort cabin is ergonomically designed for strain-free operation with minimal need for the driver to move. Features include a flat, unobstructed floor, adjustable seat and steering wheel, pedals at optimum angles and, to maximise the view, a specially inclined dashboard and counterweight.

A totally redesigned adjustable armrest brings the new progressive hydraulic controls and related functions within a comfortable reach of the operator’s fingers.

Access to the cab has been made even easier due to the large, high-grip surface on the steps. The long grab handle, the curved shape of the battery cover and side panel, ensure striking looks and styling.

A colour display which can be read easily from different angles keeps the operator fully informed. Clear messages are given in the operator’s own language, along with helpful symbols. A twin-mode key switch can be set to ECO or PRO, depending on the driver’s experience and the need for low energy use or rapid performance.

A range of optional extras can also be specified including a sideways battery exchange, incorporation of extra functions in the armrest, and an intelligent speed and movement reduction system which limits travel and tilting rates when the forks are raised.

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