Legio Group, a Belgian holding that owns X²O and Overstock, introduces electronic proof of delivery to guarantee customers and branches timely, accurate deliveries and high quality customer service. The use of the ZetesChronos electronic Proof of Delivery (POD) solution in combination with the Panasonic Toughpad gives them real-time visibility, ensures on time in full deliveries and eliminates manual, error-prone paperwork. The solution runs on any device or operating system, which reduces the burden on the IT department and future-proofs the investment.

Drivers connected at all times

X²O and Overstock own 60 stores in Belgium and The Netherlands with in and outdoor furniture, accessories and bathroom furniture. Every day, drivers deliver the products to stores and end customers from their distribution centre in Antwerp, Belgium.

In order to streamline and optimise the delivery process, Legio Group switched to a real-time electronic proof of delivery using ZetesChronos. The solution connects drivers, back-office workers and logistics management and provides real-time visibility on goods, vehicles and returnable assets. With the mobile Proof of Delivery app the drivers are assisted during their jobs and have a clear view on their planning of deliveries. On their Panasonic Toughpad Android handheld devices, they register all events during the loading, delivery and collection processes. This information is then shared in real-time with the host system and the back office.

New solution saves valuable time

Thanks to ZetesChronos, X²O and Overstock ensure the perfect delivery – offering customers and store managers real-time visibility on the status of their shipments, accurate ETA information and visual proof of delivery. At this point, the new solution not only saves each driver a lot of time per day it also increases the first time delivery success rate as clients receive an SMS roughly 30 minutes before the delivery, avoiding drivers being confronted with closed doors upon arrival – meaning Legio Group is now able to handle up to more than 100.000 deliveries per year.