Van drivers are being urged to check their vehicles are in top condition before they head out on the roads and back to work. The team at are encouraging them to give their van a post lockdown check before they get back behind the wheel.

It is important for vans and cars to be checked regular to ensure they’re running well but even more so if they’ve been parked up for the last three months. They suggest a check on tyres, the engine, lights, doors and windscreen as a starting point and a thorough check inside to make sure brakes and steering are as they should be.

A spokesperson for said: “If your van has been parked up with very few miles covered then it’s important to give it a good check before you head out on the road.

“We’ve detailed the basic points like checking tyres, lights and other essentials but if anything concerns you or doesn’t seem to be running right, it’s worth getting it checked out by a mechanic.

“If your van is key to your business, it’s worth doing these checks as often as once a week to make sure you pick up on any problems before they become too costly.”

Here are’s tip for basic can maintenance.

Check your tyres

Tyres need to be checked regularly for wear and tear. Keep an eye out for any cuts and bulges in the sidewalls, check wheel nuts are secure, tyre pressure is correct and the tyre has enough tread. Remember, UK law requires a minimum tread of 1.6mm with 3mm recommended for optimal performance.

Under the bonnet

It’s worth trying to check the engine weekly. Check the oil levels and make sure you have the optimum levels of fluids like coolants, power steering fluid and brake fluid. Also keep an eye on screenwash levels.


Often overlooked, but make sure rear doors are oiled often and open as far as they’re supposed to. If you have sliding doors, make sure they’re aligned on the runners.

Van lights

It easy to forget to check the lights and drivers often only spot a problem when someone else tells them about it. But failing to make sure they’re functioning as they should, could land you in trouble. Check by turning them all on and walking round the van. If there’s a problem, get it checked out. Also keep lights clean and dust free for good visibility.

Windscreen maintenance

Good visibility is a must. Keep windscreen fluid levels topped up and the washers are pointing to the windscreen. If the wipers leave streaks or squeak, then they need changing. Keep a look out for any chips or cracks in the windscreen too.

Inside the van

Remember to check brakes, steering, indicators, seat belts and everything else you find inside the van. If your van has been stationary for a few months, it’s important to make sure these basics are all in good working order.

Keep it clean

Your van is your way of promoting your business so think about how you want to look to potential customers. Keep it clean – this will improve the image you portray and will protect the paintwork. Also remember to keep it tidy inside.