The cooling system in an engine helps prevent damage caused by freezing, cavitation, corrosion overheating and the formation of deposits. Should the cooling system not function correctly, the engine will begin to fail, as could the radiator, water pump, head gasket or engine block. At worst, the engine can be destroyed.

Therefore, coolants are very important. Choosing antifreeze or a coolant is not a random matter though. To protect your engine from all of the above problems, and to ensure trouble-free starting in all weathers, it is important to use the correct product and with an undisputable quality.

TOTAL offers a range of premium quality and officially approved OEM products, for cars, vans, trucks, buses, construction machines and agricultural tractors. The range includes both ready to use and concentrate types, including many products that provide protection against freezing down to -37°C. TOTAL coolants have much longer service life compared to conventional products. They allow for extended drain intervals, which means less maintenance downtime, less coolant replacement costs and less possibility of harm to the environment.

TOTAL coolants are also formulated based on special OAT inhibitor technology. This answers the needs arising from the complexity and technology advances of cooling systems in modern vehicles. Extremely low additive depletion rate ensures very long coolant operational life and complete coolant system protection under all operating conditions.

Coolants are of course important all-year-round, but the winter brings new challenges that can affect the performance of the cooling system, and making vehicles harder to start on those freezing cold mornings.

There are three main functions of coolant – to ensure heat exchange, to withstand low and high temperatures, and to ensure protection of the materials. In winter, withstanding low temperatures is more important than ever.

TOTAL COOLELF & GLACELF coolants both contain the additives required to protect a full range of different types of vehicles, while providing exceptional performance in the winter freeze, which is why using a worry-free coolant with official approvals from leading OEMs and different official authorities should be used providing the driver with piece of mind throughout the winter period.