TruTac’s compliance products provide tachograph data capture, tighter management control, and continued safety for Calor Gas’ fleet. The market-leading LPG supplier in the UK achieves and maintains high driver and vehicle compliance across its nationwide depot network due to the tachograph software expert.

“We are the UK’s leading supplier of LPG” says Calor’s Fleet Asset Manager, David Brown. “And naturally, with this type of product, safety and overall compliance are paramount. Accordingly, we rely greatly on TruTac’s bespoke management systems to ensure we maintain the safest fleet possible.”

Calor also uses the TruControl portal and the DigiPost Pros, with which the supplier can download and manage all vehicle and driver tachograph data. TruAnalysis, including TruDriver and TruView, provide powerful dashboards, reporting and alerts to keep a watchful eye on the status of every driver and vehicle in the fleet.

The company monitors closely each driver and any infringements are automatically logged and highlighted so managers can instantly prioritise debriefing requirements. Then, Calor conducts informed driver debriefs and prescribes training to correct driver underperformance or applies formal disciplinary procedures.

Trainers use the automated reporting system to highlight operational KPI’. The TruView dashboard ensures that all processes have been followed and then, every three months, each region can review their data and take any corrective action considered to be necessary.

“Ongoing training for our transport managers and site personnel is also provided by TruTac,” continues David.

“This ensures all relevant personnel keep abreast of new software developments as they are introduced, and we get maximum value from the software. TruTac always work with us to ensure our needs are met. Plus, we are evaluating, a fully-combined telematics, tracking and remote downloading solution via a TruTac partner. Certainly, as far as innovation for compliance and safety goes, TruTac does not take its foot off the gas,” he concluded.