The Triscan brand, the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of Fuel Management Systems, Fuel Pumps, Fuel Tanks, Fuels Monitoring Software and Tank Gauges, has started providing tank and tank services within the commercial sector. This evolution represents the company’s effort to become the ‘one stop solution’ for refuelling needs.

The underground tank and open brick bund above tank used to be a staple in the sector, but now they have been replaced by self-contained above ground storage. The advantages of these tanks include the ease of inspection and maintenance, as well as a simpler installation that saves time, money and disruption.

One of Triscan’s long-standing customers recently decided to make the change from a below to above ground tank to ensure that all equipment was up-to-date, structurally sound and providing maximum fuelling efficiency. Although initially the customer had two dispensing diesel pumps located side by side, the team identified a better tank location that could accommodate the 38,000 litre requirement. The new layout provided the desired volume, while only covering two car-parking spaces, allowing two vehicles to be refuelled simultaneously and reducing the traffic spilling out into the public highway.

The engineers at Triscan then installed the tank, relocated one pump to a new position, connected the electrical services and installed the new suction line. After that, the tank was filled with fuel and the customer was able to continue refuelling while work was carried out at the second pump.

To ensure an ease of inspection and reduced trip hazards on site, the installation process involved the fabrication of a ‘ladder’ type of support along a wall and floor to the original position to support the suction pipeline and cable tray for the electrical services.

Once completed, both pumps were serviced and cleaned befitting of the new installation and flow rates increased from a paltry 20 litres per minute to an acceptable 60 litres per minute. Now the customer had a more usable system that has the ability to refuel vehicles simultaneously and take a delivery of 30,000 litres.

“The quality equipment and installation provided by our expert engineers ensure the fuelling system will last, so even if a customer decides to move premises they can just take it with them,” said the team at Triscan.