Transdek’s Innovative Double Deck Lifts Installed At The World’s Largest Fresh Milk Dairy

Transdek UK has worked closely with Arla Foods to install six of its unique loading and lifting solutions at several sites across the UK, including two tailor-made 6.5-tonne double deck lifts at the world’s largest fresh milk dairy at Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire.

The major development is part of Arla’s ambitious expansion plans, and will process one billion litres of milk annually. The £150 million milk processing facility is the most efficient and environmentally advanced of its kind in the world.

In tandem with the Aylesbury dairy, Arla has also developed a groundbreaking combination trailer, which incorporates a 19,000-litre capacity raw milk tanker and refrigerated container deck into a single unit. Standing at 4.4-metres high, and with an overall payload of 44-tonnes, around 20 of the new combination trailers will have taken to the UK’s roads by the end of the year. This industry first has been designed to enable the company to reach its environmental goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 34% over the next seven years.

The 6.5T hydraulic lifts, which hold up to 28 of Arla’s tetratainers (small roll containers used to transport milk), have been designed to specifically accommodate the new trailer and complement the site’s aesthetics. The bespoke lifts are fully insulated and 1.7-metres taller than a standard unit to match existing dock levellers at the facility, and to accommodate a 80mm composite sectional door, which retracts into the roof.

Transdek has been involved in the project from the early stages to facilitate effective integration of the trailers at the new site. This involved Transdek carrying out a temporary trial of a 6.5T lift to demonstrate the loadhouse benefits and prove safe, efficient vehicle docking and compatibility.

The pre-order trial which took place at Transdek, was made possible thanks to the in-house design team and on site development area, which provides an opportunity for customers to bring their trailers, drivers, trading law and compliance managers to the facilities and allows test-runs to be carried out to ensure vehicle and lift compatibility and if necessary, tailor lifts to customers requirements.

In terms of enabling onsite integration, Transdek’s modular product range and rapid installation processes are specifically geared towards minimal impact, providing an unrivalled level of operational flexibility.

Paul Cheetham, Logistics Project Facilitator at Arla, commented: “We are particularly impressed with the simple one-day installation, along with the loading speed and efficiency of the Transdek lifts. With its unique features the lifts are the ideal loading solution for our own innovative combination trailers, which set new standards for the industry.”

Transdek’s in-house project management and design team liaised closely with the Aylesbury site’s project managers, architects and sub-contractors at all stages of the design and construction process to ensure the lifts were seamlessly installed on time.

The lifts were fitted with additional software features to allow integration with Arla’s existing procedures, including loading bay locking and anti-drive off systems. With in-built comprehensive safety features, the low maintenance systems can be easily relocated, providing flexibility to adapt to changing logistics requirements.

Additional lifts have been installed for Arla including a V2G (vehicle to ground) lift to service at flat-floor site at its Bristol distribution facility; a 6.5T double deck lift at its dairy in Stourton, Leeds – adapted to fit under a canopy; and two standard 6.5T lifts at its Lichfield distribution centre and Hatfield Peverel dairy.