In a move that strengthens its already innovative suite of fleet telematics products, TRACKER (part of the Tantalum Corporation), the fleet telematics expert, has launched its new TRACKER Fleet Mobile app. Designed in response to customer feedback and demand, the new app allows fleet managers to gain an overview of their fleet and receive update alerts.

Free to all TRACKER Fleet customers, the app will allow users to gain a simple overview of their vehicles and determine where each are at any given time. The app also allows users to view personal alerts and deliver information on the speed of vehicles, journey history and directions to a particular vehicle.

David Wilson, Chief Operating Officer for TRACKER comments, “We wanted to develop a proposition that would bring benefit to fleet managers, which is why we worked closely with our customers to establish a product that would meet their needs, both now and in the future. The TRACKER Fleet Mobile app provides fleet managers with instant visibility and a clear understanding of their fleets which they can access when they are on the move.

“The key to any data service is to make it easy for customers to access information wherever they may be. We have designed the TRACKER Fleet Mobile app specifically with fleet managers in mind; providing an easy to use and simple format so that the information is accessible with clear and concise data.”

Jack Buchan at Buchans Group, the company that trialled the TRACKER Fleet Mobile app said, “We were looking for a flexible and simple way to track our vehicles on a daily basis and monitor certain aspects, such as speed and location of vehicles. We did not want to have to tackle lots of data and information, so we were looking for a simple app that could give us a top line overview when on the road and out of the office. The TRACKER Fleet Mobile app is the perfect solution for us and we are confident that other companies will find it just as effective.

“Fleet managers do not want to be left with too much data to decipher, which is why the TRACKER Fleet Mobile app is a perfect solution for them,” concludes David Wilson. “We are confident that our customers will be able to integrate the app easily into their fleet management process and be able to recognise the instant benefits.”