Portable cooker retailer Cobb is having its e-commerce requirement in Hong Kong fulfilled by supply chain specialist Tigers through its online marketplace, the Tigers eShop. Tigers handles Cobb’s B2C distribution from its e-commerce fulfilment centre in Hong Kong, one of sixteen in the region, pioneering a new business model for the retailer.

“The Tigers eShop, our online trading platform, is a new concept for Cobb that allows the company to sell directly to the consumer instead of following the traditional route,” said Andrew Jillings, Chief Executive Officer and Group Managing Director at Tigers.

“The outdoor industry is a major contributor to the e-commerce boom in Asia, and we are happy to further strengthen the vertical by bringing Cobb to the region. We currently handle Cobb’s storage and fulfilment, in addition to processing returns for the region, and aim to develop the brand throughout our global network,” he continued.

Tigers has opened its first eShops in China and Malaysia in 2017 and has now launched two more in Germany and the UK, with plans to open more across its global network of offices, which includes Australia, India, Myanmar, South Africa, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the USA.

“Every business knows that to stay relevant you have to incorporate technology into your day to day activities, hence the reason of going directly onto an e-commerce platform,” said Johan Coetzee, General Manager, Cobb International (PTY) Ltd. “The opportunity is there to directly market and sell to the outdoor enthusiast who loves to cook anything, anywhere, anytime.”

The Hong Kong headquartered Tigers works with a number of Outdoor and Active Lifestyle brands globally, with Cobb being the latest addition to its eShop. Tigers has over 100 years’ experience of supporting customers in the healthcare, technology, fashion, automotive, wine and perishables, and outdoor and active lifestyle sectors.